Why Hire Us?

At Woodruff Family Law Group, we realize you have choices; we’re not the only show in town.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?


“Fighting for Justice in Your Family Law Case.”

When you hire us, between our four top-rated attorneys, you’ll have over 60 years cumulative Family Law experience at your side.  You’ll have two Family Law Specialists (less than 275 attorneys in the state have earned this credential), two NC Bar Certified Paralegals, a CPA, and a Certified Valuation Analyst.  You’ll have a diverse support staff of highly qualified, professional legal assistants proficient in a broad range of fields including accounting, human services, administration, and business.  

When it comes to Divorce & Separation, Child Custody & Support, and Equitable Distribution & Property Division, we are capable of handling the most complex matters. Added to that is the ability to offer complete financial analysis and accurate valuation of businesses, pensions, and other assets. The combination means that with Woodruff Family Law Group behind you, you’ll have an edge. 

Because the law isn’t the only thing we know.

At Woodruff Family Law Group, we know what we’re doing.


“You Matter. Your Family Matters.”

When you hire us, you’ll see that at Woodruff Family Law Group, we get it.  Circumstances have you anxious. Worrying about the well-being of your family—your marriage, your children, your future--is stressful and scary.  This isn’t just a ‘problem’ to be resolved.  It’s your life.  Legal advice is not the only thing you need right now; you deserve support, empathy and understanding too.  Family Law is our concentration.  That experience makes us sensitive to the emotional journey our clients are about to face. That’s why in addition to lending our expertise, we strive to ensure the people we work with understand they’re more than just a number to us.  

When you’re a client here, we’ll smile and greet you by name, because we’ll recognize you.  We’ll ask how you’re doing because we genuinely care.  You’ll grab a bottle of water from the fridge or we’ll bring you a cup of coffee because we want you to feel comfortable and welcomed, and you’ll camp out in a conference room while you wait for court because we don’t want you to feel alone.

Those services aren’t fringe benefits. They represent our effort to show the clients in our family that we see them.  We pride ourselves on continuously pursuing more of the ‘little things’  because it makes what they’re going through a little less hard.  

We do more than help our clients ‘get done.’

At Woodruff Family Law Group, we help our clients ‘get through.’


“Individualized Strategies Tailored to Your Particular Legal Needs.”

When you hire us, we’ll walk with you the whole way.  We have a devoted team of attorneys and staff pledged to a firm that concentrates exclusively on Family Law.  This is a scary time for you—your family is in jeopardy; you aren’t sure what to do next.  That’s where we come in.

From your initial consult to the conclusion of your case, we engage in dialogue and keep you informed of what’s happening—what to expect—step-by-step.  We listen to your needs and work side-by-side with you to develop a personalized plan to achieve those objectives.  The knowledgeable and visionary lawyers at Woodruff Family Law Group will navigate you through this complicated process.  We pride ourselves on our fairness, integrity, and our dedication to fiercely advocating for each client’s needs because their happiness and peace are our success.  

We don’t work on jobs.

At Woodruff Family Law group, we work with people.


“Outside-of-the-box solutions for inside-of-the-house problems.”

When you hire us, we’ll consider not just the facts surrounding your situation, but the personalities, the emotions, and all the nuances in between.  To us, this isn’t just a case—it’s your case, and it’s unlike any other.   

Our office is a composite of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and skills.  The Woodruff team works in an atmosphere of harmony and trust that provides a positive self-image for each member.  From the newest legal assistant to Carolyn Woodruff herself, the ideas, strengths and contribution of each employee are valued equally.  The culture of our firm has created a cohesive unit of efficient, passionate, individuals who feel 100% invested in every client we help. 

The collaboration of expertise, abilities, and resources enable us to customize innovative solutions that meet the best interests of every unique and valued individual who walks through our door.  

We don’t work on problems.

At Woodruff Family Law Group, we work on solutions.


 “We Bring Guns to Knife Fights.”

Why hire us?

Because we know what we’re doing when it comes to Family Law.

Because we’ll help you get through the tough times, not just over them.

Because we’ll treat you like a person, not a number.

Because we’ll work on your solutions, not focus on your problems.

Because at Woodruff Family Law Group, you don’t get just one of us, you get all of us.

When you hire us, you’ll have more than just your attorney—you’ll have a united force of talent, strength, integrity, and experience fighting aggressively for your best interests.  At Woodruff Family Law Group We stand as a team; there’s safety in numbers, and we look out for our Family. 

We are Competency.  We are Commitment.  We are Compassion.  We are Creativity.

We are Woodruff Family Law Group.